The Hermon Slade Foundation

We took a holistic look at the Digital ecosystem of the Hermon Slade Foundation, one of the leading Philanthropic foundations in Australia. Our goal was to allow our client to find and naturally cement their brand in a modern digital world.

Understanding the problem

The Hermon Slade Foundation (HSF) had a clear goal to “bring the foundation into the modern era” primarily through a redesign of the website which was initially built in 1995. It quickly became clear that the design of the website was only a small part of the challenge surrounding their digital ecosystem, and that successfully delivering a project would require a re-evaluation of the customer experience from end to end.


User Interface Design
User Experience Design
Customer Persona’s
Front-end Development
Analytics & Tracking

The Hermon Slade
website experience

The team at Allure investigated the website from a holistic level – understanding both the perspective of the users, as well as the position of the foundation as a business. Starting with stakeholder interviews to understand , we were able to quickly map the key pain points of the business, whilst creating a customer persona set to which we could build the content of the site around.
Prior to our engagement, no tracking was implemented across the HSF assets. To recticfy this, event tracking was implemented across the entire site, and recorded through a robust analytics dashboard allowing visibility across acquisition, engagement and conversion.
Since the initial release of the website, conversions have steadily increased, along with daily active users of nearly 22%.

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Just the beginning

The partnership between the Hermon Slade Foundation and Allure Digital Has just begun. The delivery of the first phase of the website means that future iterations can be built upon the success of this project. Though beginning as a humble reskin of an old site, we are proud to have been able to uplift the digital ecosystem of the HSF.

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